Instruction manual for wep200 bluetooth

Instructions for Samsung WEP200 eHow The Samsung WEP200 is yet another newcomer to the growing of supercompact headsets. The Samsung WEP200 is a Bluetooth headset compatible with. Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP200 User's Guide; Samsung Electronics; 2006. Promoted By.

Samsung WEP200 review - CNET While not as flashy as the Jabra JX10 and the Nokia BH-800, the WEP200 is still a tiny little thing that's just as small as the other two. The Samsung WEP200 is a delhtfully small headset that fits comfortably in either ear and features. BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset.

Samsung WEP200 Review & Rating The WEP200 comes in basic black and is available for .99. The Samsung WEP200 wins major style points for its small, sleek desn. is enough to turn on the device and make it Bluetooth-discoverable.

Samsung WEP200 - WEP 200 - Headset Quick Start Measuring only 1.5 by 0.5 by 0.5 inches, the WEP200 is encased in a very lhtweht plastic, making it one of the lhtest headsets we've used. WEP200 - WEP 200 - Headset Headsets pdf manual download. Thank you for purchasing the Samsung Bluetooth. Quick Start. delhted with its operation.

VideoYug - Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset - Like the other compact headsets, it's inconspicuous when worn, which we definitely appreciate. Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset. Up next. Review Desner's WEP200 Bluetooth V2.0 Handsfree Headset - Duration. China Stuff.

How to Put My Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset Into It has a very simple desn with a square multifunction button in the middle, a blue indicator lht below that, and the volume rocker on the left spine. The Samsung WEP200 headset is a compact device, capable of connecting to most Bluetooth enabled phones. As with most Bluetooth devices.

<em>Instructions</em> for Samsung <em>WEP200</em> eHow
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