Chevy automatic to manual conversion kit

CHEVY GM Tremec Kits - Hurst Driveline Conversions The 1-2 synchronizer have a set of spring loaded flywehts in the syncro hub that govern shift speeds, to prevent over-revving on a 2-1 downshift. Hurst Driveline Conversions carries pre-confured Tremec 5 Speed and 6 Speed transmission conversion kits for classic Chevrolet cars and trucks with small.

NV4500 5 Speed HD Transmission Conversion Kit Dodge, Jeep. Our NV4500 transmission includes reverse gear inhibitor mechanism that prevents engagement when shifting into forward gear ranges. Manual Transmission NV4500 Conversion, Print, E-mail. This kit will replace the automatic transmission in your Dodge Cummins Pickup, 95,00 outrht.

Automatic to Manual transmission swap 1973- 1987 Chevy GMC. Our remanufactured Heavy Duty NV4500's are 5-speed constant mesh manual transmissions, all gear ranges including reverse are synchronized it's a top loader with a cast iron case and an aluminum shift cover also comes with an aluminum bell housing for conversion. Oct 12, 2012. What all it takes to swap an automatic transmission over to a manual transmission in a 1973-1987 GM truck, k5, suburban. Got questions or.

GM Manual Transmission Conversion Drivin' It Home Thes transmissions have updated main shafts, 5th gear and 5th gear nut. Two versions of New Venture Gear Manufactured NV4500 are used in 1994 and later up to 2002 models of the Dodge 3/4 and one ton vehicles, a standard duty version is used for 5.2L and 5.9L applications and a heavy duty version is used for Cummins diesel engines. If you want to convert from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission we offer several kits to make the conversion smooth and economical. The part #'s.

Conversion Kits Three Pedals The main differences between the two versions concern the larger input and output shafts used in the heavy duty version, Chevrolet also used this transmission. The shift lever is located in the shift cover bolted to the top of the shift cover and operates the shift forks and rails directly. Too many cars are only sold with an automatic transmission – we desn, engineer, manufacture and install complete manual conversion kit solutions. We have the following conversion kits for sale or in development. 1978 – 1988 GM A/G-Body – Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevy El Camino, Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Chevrolet Transmission Swap Guide - Chevy Hh Performance The shift forks and rails are all located within the aluminum cover which is bolted to the top of the gear case. This is the aftermarket T56 six-speed manual trans available from National Drivetrain. The JET Performance Products Transconversion kit enables the installation of. While swapping in any of the automatic overdrive transmissions probably.

<strong>CHEVY</strong> GM Tremec <strong>Kits</strong> - Hurst Driveline <strong>Conversions</strong>
NV4500 5 Speed HD Transmission <em>Conversion</em> <em>Kit</em> Dodge, Jeep.
<strong>Automatic</strong> to <strong>Manual</strong> transmission swap 1973- 1987 <strong>Chevy</strong> GMC.

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